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In 2005, the Industrial Management Science Students’ Association (IMSSA) initiated “Exposition: The Magazine that bridges Management and IT”, with the expectation of building a platform for the undergraduates to express themselves and to create an arena which brings together undergraduates, academics and professionals.

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Previous Issues of Exposition

Exposition indeed has been a saga of magazines which makes you immerse in the latest and strategic moves of the worlds of Management and IT

Previous Issues

Over a decade, IMSSA has come a long journey, to make Exposition one of the significant events in the Department’s Calendar an one of the best student magazines published by any Sri Lankan higher educational institution. From its humble beginnings, Exposition has had the privilege of bearing an assemblage of interactive articles and interviews of pioneering dignitaries.

This year, Team Exposition proudly presents its 11th issue with a novel notion and appearance!!!

Inter School Quiz Competition - 2015

Industrial Management Science Students’ Association [IMSSA] has organized an Inter School Quiz Competition, in line with the proceedings of the launch of the 11th issue of Exposition: The Magazine that Bridges Management and IT.

This contest is held in two stages. The initial round of the competition was successfully conducted on 8th June 2015 at Sri Dharmaloka Hall of University of Kelaniya with the participation of 18 schools from Western Province. The competition consisted of 5 rounds at the first stage in which Royal College, Ananda College and Musaeus College won the first, second and third places respectively. The second and the final stage of the competition will be conducted on the day of the launch of Exposition 11th issue in which the two best schools [Royal College and Ananda College] will be competing head to head for the title of champions.


Prof. Sunanda Madduma Bandara

Vice Chancellor

University of Kelaniya

I take pleasure in conveying my heartfelt wishes for the eleventh consecutive issue of the “Exposition”. The mission of our university is to nurture citizens intellectually through creativity and innovation. The annual launch of the magazine of the Department of Industrial Management, throughout the years has always been upholding the mission of the University in the public arena. I perceive it as not just a magazine that bridges Management and IT but also a bridge between academic and corporate sectors. The effort put together by the undergraduates and the staff of the Department of Industrial Management is highly appreciated.

Prof. Kapila Seneviratne

Faculty of Science

University of Kelaniya

It is with a sense of utmost contentment that I congratulate the undergraduates of the Department of Industrial Management on their eleventh successful launch of the Exposition magazine. They have been building up a unique identity for themselves in the Faculty of Science by exploiting their innovative and radical mindsets to explore unrevealed avenues to succeed. “Exposition” is yet another milestone in their journey towards a new era.

Dr. Chamli Pushpakumara

Head - Department of Industrial Management

The eleventh issue of the annual magazine “Exposition” by our students is not merely another magazine launch for me, as the head of the department; but another turning point towards our glorious achievements. Above all it depicts the skills of the valuable assets that have been sheltered in our department. The magazine is a reflection of the current and prospective aspects of the department and also an insight into the corporate sector. As in every year, this year too, the students have joined hands and proved their extreme competencies over diversified realms in each and every step of publishing the magazine.

I am extremely privileged to wish my students all the very best, being by their side in their highly commendable attempt to further expand the boundaries of the Department of Industrial Management.

Mr. Darshatha Gamage

Editor in Chief

“The True sign of Intelligence is not knowledge but Imagination”

- Albert Einstein-

An undergraduate is an ambassador who takes out the message of knowledge, intelligence and education to the society. He holds the responsibility to disseminate knowledge around the world. For a period of ten years, the undergraduates of the Department of Industrial Management fulfilled their duties through “Exposition”.

Over a decade, “Exposition” proved its worth and has won acclaim as one of the best student magazines published by any higher educational institution in Sri Lanka. It has become a platform for the IM students to showcase their creativity, expertise and imagination. It has grown on to become a rubric for industrial management. The articles, as always, display a wide range of knowledge and expertise in various fields of Information Technology and Management. It is with great pride, the Team Exposition hosts the interviews of the intellectual panel of experts in the magazine.

Since its inception, the “Exposition” has been a platform which integrated undergraduates, academics and professionals together. This year the IMSSA, managed to combine the missing link of the youthful minds of school children. Thus, we integrated the best minds of Sri Lankan schools by organizing an All-Island Inter-School Quiz Competition in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the International Quizzing Association.

On behalf of my team, I extend my gratitude to the academic and non-academic staff of the Department of Industrial Management for the strength they gave us and for the faith that they had in us. In addition, the previous teams of the “Exposition” deserve a special mention for their commitment and dedication to bring “Exposition” from its humble beginnings to the heights that we have conquered now. Furthermore let me thank all the partnering institutions for their valuable support. Finally, I extend my gratitude to everyone who supported us and guided us in our endeavor.

The Team Exposition, embarked on a journey to present to its vivid and faithful readers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the ideas, concepts and interests of the undergraduates. We truly believe that at the end of our quest, we have succeeded to combine the synergy of fresh and blossoming thinking and the creativity of the youth in this year’s edition of “Exposition”.

It is our wish that all readers would enjoy their passage through the realms of the “Exposition”.

Our Partners

In our journey, many leading and pioneering companies provided us an immense support and extended their guidance, by being with us as our financial benefactors.
This indeed was a great pillar of strength for us to reach our pursuit.